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Whisper Space

Whisper Space transforms the old guided tour at the museum into a fully interactive experience. Instead of listening to a tape, the user can stroll through a museum and hear what other people have to say about the piece of art being looked at. Listeners can hear commentary from art experts, fellow museum guests, and sometimes even the artist. If at any time something someone has said piques the user’s interest, that topic will be expounded upon.

Whisper Space works with the latest in voice recognition tools to make sure that the information being retrieved is on the right topic and that user comments are correctly interpreted as well. The system knows where the user is in the museum and is able to tell what is being looked at. It then finds on-point commentary. The area around the painting is equipped with speakers and the user has a wireless headset. As the whispers are heard, the user can participate by adding his own commentary, or asking for more information about a comment from someone else.