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Like Watson, Point/Counterpoint tracks the user’s work, but instead of bringing back general information, this system brings back opposing arguments. Whether the user is a journalist, a student, a consumer, or anyone putting together an opinion paper, Point/Counterpoint profiles that user and provides both sides to the issue under discussion.

Point/Counterpoint is able to search the Internet, Intranets, Web, and proprietary sources for documents. It also acquires information about which experts will be of the most value by observing interaction with the results of its previous searches. If counter-expert is chosen over another one, Point/Counterpoint observes and notes this for later.

Point/Counterpoint’s ability to profile also means that it will be able to predict the needs of the user after it gains enough information about her and the kind of documents she finds useful. It will have then information ready at hand when it is wanted. By automatically presenting both sides, Point/Counterpoint cuts down on time spent researching and browsing, and yet makes sure enough information is available to make a balanced argument.