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PocketClassmate addresses a problem common to note takers in the classroom or the conference room: notes taken in one context often lose their meaning when reviewed at a later time. Using PocketClassmate, a user can take notes that are dynamically linked to active presentation slides, enabling subsequent viewing within the context of the presentation. Because the presentation and note taking applications are linked, speakers are also able to get immediate and ongoing feedback from their audience as to interest levels and possible confusion.

Students using PocketClassmate can engage in more effective note taking and use the system as a means of sharing information with others. Instructors, utilizing the feedback provided by PocketClassmate, can identify areas where greater explanation is warranted and tailor a presentation to the needs of that particular group of students. They can also use the information gathered by the system to assess the overall effectiveness of their presentations.

While designed for the classroom, PocketClassmate is the first step in developing technologies to support ongoing interaction between information providers and consumers. In effect, the system turns a one-time presentation into a living document through which communication is mediated and contextualized. In any situation where there is a presentation and an audience, this technology can be used to provide an exciting new level of interaction and communication.