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Finding out about a topic online can be time consuming. It involves visiting multiple news sites, encyclopedia entries, video repositories and other resources while discarding irrelevant information. MakeMyPage aims to speed this process by combining automatic aggregation of information with social media to build web pages with images, videos and links to important information about a topic. MakeMyPage uses automatic aggregation to provide the initial content of the web pages. This content is organized by type: blogs, news, web links, images, video and a main article. MakeMyPage creates a web page by selecting a few items from each category, plus links to more resources within it. Users can vote on the links and media they like best for a given topic and, based on these votes, the system promotes them to and within the main web page. MakeMyPage can be thought of as a collection of wiki pages where people enhance automatically generated content not by editing the text in it, but by voting and suggesting new links. The system's focus is on the organization of content that is genuinely useful and on point. MakeMyPage continuously tracks popular search queries and maintains a database of web pages about these topics.

Project Papers

  • Synergy Between Automatic Content Generation and Social Media
  • MakeMyPage: Social Media Meets Automatic Content Generation