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I 2 I takes many of the projects and concepts being developed at the InfoLab and brings them together in one place. Web surfing, instant chatting, and on-point recommendations are all included in this one package. I 2 I represents the next level in creating on-line communities.

I 2 I works with the browser, and it is there every time the user is working on-line. As a page is opened, it searches for a variety of personalized information for the user. It seeks out other users who are viewing the same page at the time as well as users who viewed the page previously. It takes this data and provides instant communication capabilities with people who are also on-line and the annotations of the earlier visitors. It saves information that the user provides, and keeps it available. If the user wants, that information can be made public. In this way, people with common interests and research goals are put in contact with each other, fostering a higher level of communication. The concept of "nearest neighbor" is no longer geographic, fulfilling InfoLab’s goal of making the Internet a central, social, and informative gathering place. InfoLab’s I 2 I brings the potential of the Web into view. Searching becomes a collaboration, instead of a solitary activity. People with similar interests can now share their expertise.

Project Papers

  • Clustering for Opportunistic Communication
  • Supporting Online Resource Discovery in the Context of Ongoing Tasks with Proactive Assistants
  • Facilitating Opportunistic Communication by Tracking the Documents People Use